Sunday, June 25, 2017

Edendale Farm Excursion
We were amazed at the size of our 'food footprint', that is, the scale, cost and impact of the processes to make and deliver food to us. Look at the difference when you grow and make your own!!
So we tracked the journeys of some of our favourite foods and were astounded at the distance they had travelled.

Mmmm-worms love these scraps! The poo they produce is fantastically nutritious for the soil and it doesn't even smell, as we found out!

Worms at work, making fabulous soil and worm tea!

Giving the compost a helping hand...
Planting our pea seeds...
and baby lettuces.
Meeting the animals (that we eat) was a treat.

Thank you Edendale, for a fantastic day!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Term 1, 2017

An exciting development in our school journey has been the use of iPads for various purposes - in Mathematics, Science, Literacy and General Studies tasks so far. We have used them to photograph, record, read, write creatively and complete questionnaires and quizzes. We are continuing to use apps. such as 'Explain Everything' to display our learning via alternative means.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Book Week!
On Friday, we concluded a wonderful week of celebrating books and literature at Kerrimuir. Following Assembly, the whole school gathered for a costume parade where, as always, great fun was had trying to try and identify costumes and match them with well-known book characters. Top job, KPS and Prep/1C!!
Here we are...
At the Book Week parade I dressed up as a Viking with a helmet, a shield and a sword too. I saw R2D2 and a Storm trooper.  My favourite part was the parade. J

I was dressed as a polar bear. I wore a beanie and a coat, white long
sleeves and leggings. I saw somebody in a Wally costume. The best part was when my class P/1C walked around. People hi-fived us. S

For the Book Week parade I went as Matilda. I had two books with me. M

I dressed up as Hermione from Harry Potter. I saw all the other costumes. The best part was that I saw all my friends. The polar bear was my favourite. A

At the book week parade there were lots of costumes. I hi-fived some kids and some big kids. I came dressed as Nemo. J

I dressed as Angelina. I wore a special skirt and a warm ballet coat and leggings. I saw beautiful costumes too. The best part was I hi-fived every hand. I loved it! J

I saw Billie B and Little Red Riding Hood and Fancy Nancy. My big brother was dressed as an army soldier and I was dressed as Ruby Red Shoes goes to Paris. The best part of the Book Week parade was when I had to get in the picture. It was fantastic. P

My best Book Week costume was me, Ziyi, James and Zack! I dressed as a knight hero.  B

Saturday, July 23, 2016

100 Days at School.
The Preps have celebrated their first 100 days at school! With a variety of activities throughout the day, delicious fresh fruit snacks to eat and some little treats, this was truly a momentous day. The Grade 1s in our class even got to join in some of the fun!




Monday, May 30, 2016

Batty maths!
After listening to the story of Stellaluna and finding out about bats, we decided to measure the ones we made.  Now we know their wing span, height, area and even the perimeter of their bodies - in unifix of course!

Autumn fun!
We've been loving autumn.  Our school yard has amazing play spaces and lots of beautiful shady trees which as you can see...lose their leaves in autumn. Yippee!

What have we been up to in P/1C?

Grandparents and Special Visitors' Day...

We've been busy with all sorts of things at school!
Last Friday we were delighted to have many visitors to the Prep area.  After listening to the Preps sing at Assembly, our visitors came back to the class to look at all our lovely work and play a maths game we had practised.  What a crowd!  Thank you for coming to see us at school!